Leadership & Staff

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee, contact our Executive Director, Dr. Dawn Ewing.

Teresa M. Scott

Teresa M. Scott, DDS, MAIBDM


6334 Fm 2920 Rd. # 250 Spring, Texas, 77379, United States

(281) 655-9175

Teresa M. Scott, DDS, MIABDM When it comes to preserving, enhancing and beautifying our smiles, we all want the best. The best care. The best service. The best results. It’s as simple as that Teresa M. Scott, DDS is a unique kind of dentist. First and foremost, she…
Dawn Ewing, PhD, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Dawn Ewing, PhD, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Dawn Ewing, PhD, Doctor of Integrative Medicine Dr. Dawn Ewing offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to help you understand your current health situation and guide you through the process of improving it – gently and powerfully, gradually and effectively. Combining 21st century diagnostics, quantum medicine…
Toby Ewing

Toby Ewing

Executive Assistant
Frances K. Horning

Frances K. Horning

RDH, Certified Biological Hygienist

Associate Director
Randall Moore

Randall Moore

Specialist in Safety and Health

General Industry. Technology & Social Media

Board of Directors

* Indicates Past President

  • Ted Herrmann, DMD, Vice President
  • Blanche Grube, DMD*, Dean of Education
  • John Trowbridge, MD*, Medical Advisor
  • Carol Wells, RDH, Advertising Director
  • Felix Liao, DDS*
  • Joan Sefcik, DDS*
  • Huguette Salahuddin, DDS
  • James Wright, DDS
  • Adriana Wells, DDS
  • Alyse Shockey, RDH
  • Amanda Kirwin, RDA
  • Samantha Burnell, RDH

Standing Committees

Credentialing Committee
Blanche Grube, DMD, Chair
Joan Sefcik, DDS
Frances Horning, RDH
Medical Advisory Committee
John Parks Trowbridge, MD, Chair
Membership Development Committee
Teresa Scott, DDS, Chair
Katie To, DDS
Ozone Committee
Katie To, DDS, Chair
James Wright, DDS, Chair
Ted Herrmann, DDS
Toxic Materials Committee
Ted Herrmann, DDS, Chair (Mercury)
Carol Wells, RDH (Fluoride)
Airway Committee
Felix Liao, DDS, Chair
Alysse Shockey, RDH
Biological Perio Committee
Adriana Wells, DDS, Chair
Al Danenberg, DDS-Advisory
Mentor Committee
Ted Herrmann, DMD
Joan Sefcik, DDS
Jim Wright, DDS
Mike Margolis, DDS
Teresa Scott, DDS
Huguette Salahuddin, DDS
Felix Liao, DDS (Airway Only)
Biological Dental Hygiene Committee
Fran Horning, RDH, Chair
Corinne Story, RDH
Alyssa Shockey, RDH
Samantha Burnell, RDH
Amanda Kirwin, RDA
Addie Vega, RDH
Carol Wells, RDH, Co-Chair
Alyse Shockey, RDH
Lisa Walker, RDH

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