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Leadership & Staff

Marjan Seywerd, DDS
Executive Director
Dawn Ewing, ND, PhD, DNM
Assistant Director
Toby Ewing


Board of Directors

  • Nicholas Meyer, DDS*, Vice President
  • Blanche Grube, DMD*, Dean of Education
  • Mike Margolis, DDS*, Conference Speaker Chair
  • John Trowbridge, MD*, Medical Advisor
  • Felix Liao, DDS*
  • Joan Sefcik, DDS*
  • Carol Wells, RDH
  • Ted Herrmann, DMD
  • Huguette Salahuddin, DDS
  • James Wright, DDS
  • Angela Twedell, RDA
  • Fran Horning, RDH
  • Teresa Scott, DDS

* Indicates Past President

Standing Committees

Blanche Grube, DMD, Chair
Joan Sefcik, DDS

Medical Advisory
John Parks Trowbridge, MD, Chair

Membership Development
Teresa Scott, DDS, Chair

Eric Zaremski, DDS, Chair

James Wright, DDS, Chair
Ted Herrmann, DDS

Toxic Materials
Bill Osmunson, DDS, Chair (Fluoride)
Ted Herrmann, DDS, Chair (Mercury)

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee, contact our Executive Director, Dr. Dawn Ewing.


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