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Too Much Fluoride!: The Limits of Fluoridation

Fluoride is everywhere, from oral hygiene products to the water and other beverages you drink. Many of us are ingesting far too much. More, swallowing fluoride lacks significant benefit yet carries significant risks. In this presentation for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM), Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, discusses both the ethical and […]

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A Letter to the American Thyroid Association Re: Fluoride Science

Earlier this year, several health professionals and scientists formally asked the American Thyroid Association (ATA) to “demonstrate either scientific integrity and professional ethics” by Publish[ing] a position statement opposing the practice of community water fluoridation (CWF) based on its impact on thyroid hormones, interference with glucose and calcium metabolism in susceptible populations, and general capacity […]

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5 Myths of Water Fluoridation

By IABDM President Dr. Joan Sefcik Adapted from her article in Natural Awakenings Austin, March 2015 1. Water fluoridation decreases tooth decay.False. In a study done by the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), no statistically significant difference was found in decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) in fluoridated, partially fluoridated or unfluoridated communities. In […]

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Notable New Research: Fluoride & Hypothyroidism

Are Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water Associated with Hypothyroidism Prevalence in England? A Large Observational Study of GP Practice Data & Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water Peckham S, Lowery D, Spencer S J Epidemiol Community Health doi:10.1136/jech-2014-204971 Abstract Background While previous research has suggested that there is an association between fluoride ingestion and the incidence […]

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Notable New Research: Fluoridation Review

Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention Peckham, S., and Awofeso, N. Scientific World Journal 2014. Published 26 February 2014. doi: 10.1155/2014/293019 Abstract Fluorine is the world’s 13th most abundant element and constitutes 0.08% of the Earth crust. It has the highest electronegativity of all […]

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Dentists and Physicians Urge You to Vote NO on Water Fluoridation

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) recommends a NO vote on mandated water fluoridation in Portland. Fluoride in the public water supply poses risks for infants and small children. Fluoride has the potential to cause damage because of its toxicity to multiple organ systems, including the kidneys, the endocrine and skeletal systems […]

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