Double Your Impact – It’s Mercury-Free Dentistry Week

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Mercury-Free Dentistry Week

Dear Friends,

It’s Mercury-Free Dentistry Week! Starting today, Consumers for Dental Choice highlights the importance of avoiding mercury amalgam fillings… honors the mercury-free dentists and their staffs leading the way… and celebrates our momentum toward sending this poison to the hazardous waste bins of history.

In honor of Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, Dr. Joseph Mercola of puts $150,000 on the table – until Saturday, August 27 – to match your gift to Consumers for Dental Choice dollar for dollar. Aware that we have strategically led the shift to safer dentistry, Dr. Mercola has stepped up – and asks you to join him! Please donate online or mail a check to the address below – note that we have moved to a new office.*


This Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, we’ve got a lot to celebrate! Seizing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we created with FDA’s new amalgam warnings, Consumers for Dental Choice made history this year – in Washington, across the nation, and around the world by…

  • Starting to shut down the amalgam industry
  • Winning the Children’s Amendment to the mercury treaty
  • Breaking down the wall of pro-mercury opposition

Check out our emails all week to learn more about this momentum toward mercury-free dentistry! Then donate to Consumers for Dental Choice so that Dr. Mercola can match your gift – and double your impact!

21 August 2022



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