Biological Dental Medicine: Changing Lives

A selection of patient comments on working with a biological dentist to improve their oral and overall health and well-being…

Could a Root Canal Be the Cause of Your Chronic Health Problem?

Root canal treated teeth may harbor harmful microbes, the toxic metabolic waste products of which can have systemic health impacts and contribute to a variety of chronic diseases. The Netflix documentary “Root Cause” investigates these issues, interviewing doctors and dentists around the world, including yours truly (although briefly), who believe many health problems can be traced back to these infected teeth…

Why Is It Called "Biological" Dentistry Anyway?

You often hear “holistic dentistry”, “integrative dentistry” and “biological dentistry” used interchangeably. They’re not actually the same thing. Biological dentistry is holistic and integrative, but in and of themselves, neither holistic nor integrated is biological. For the why, you have to go back to when the term was originally coined – back in the mid-1980s…

I Was Poisoned by My Teeth, Excerpt

This excerpt from Dr. Gloria Gilbere’s I Was Poisoned by My Teeth focuses on infant oral health, with special emphasis on fluoride and fluoridation. Shared with permission.

Fluoride Ingestion: Connecting the Dots

A must-read position paper on fluoridation by toxicologist Steve Gilbert, PhD, of the Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders. Shared with permission.

Fluoridation's Neurotoxicity

An essential position statement from the Fluoride Action Network on the neurotoxic risks of ingesting fluoridated water.

10 Reasons to Avoid Mercury Fillings

In this report you will find multiple reasons why you will not want to have mercury fillings in your teeth or those of your loved ones. Mercury fillings are an archaic practice from the past and do not belong in dental practice today, especially considering there are more aesthetic and non-toxic options readily available.

Mercury & Human Health: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 2003 – 2009

40 Years of Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV)

A summary of studies and scientific publications by Bernhard A. Weber (Marburg).

Important Vitamins Help Reducing Gum Disease Risk

Information concerning a new study from Journal of Dental Research on periodontal disease by using Vitamin E and C.

Are Dental X-Rays Harmful?

A collection of articles to assist in education about the concern of the safety of dental x-rays and radiation exposure.

Chelation Therapy: Stepping Into the Next 60 Years (A Historical Commentary)

By John Trowbridge, MD, FACAM (from the Townsend Letter, April 2013)
“Mind-body medicine”, a term well known in medicine, has major roots in observations made in the 1960s by one of my lab directors at Stanford, George Solomon, M.D. Intensive study of the “relaxation response”, “healing touch”, “acupuncture”, and similar “soft science” technologies has led to widespread acceptance in the medical and lay communities. At about the same time, startling observations were being made of reversals of increasingly prevalent coronary and peripheral vascular maladies by chelation therapy with intravenous EDTA. Despite “hard science” showing that these beneficial discoveries have been replicated time and again, chelation remains largely unknown or, at worst, vigorous defiled.

Has the Dental Work in Your Mouth Turned You into a Walking Antenna?

By Lina Garcia, DDS, DMD
We should not overlook the impact of metal dental work, electromagnetic and microwave-attracting stress on the increasing prevalence of chronic illness in our society. “I strongly suspect”, writes Dr. Garcia, “that this is an unrecognized source of insidious stress on our physical, mental, and emotional health”.

Root Canals Are Dead Bodies

By Dr. Ronald Carlson
Root canals are dead bodies – and as such, should be buried six feet below Earth’s surface!

The Microbiology of the Acute Dental Abscess

By D. Robertson & A.J. Smith (from the Journal of Medical Microbiology)
The microbiology and treatment of the acute localized abscess and severe spreading odontogenic infections are reviewed.

Circulation of Lymph in the Dentinal Tubules with some Observations on the Metabolism of the Dentine

By E. W. Fish, MD, ChB, LDS (From the Department of Bio-Chemistry and Physiology, University College, London. 1926)

Endodontic-Endotoxemia: Our Current Dilemma

By Dr. Ronald Carlson
The author’s research on the oral systemic linkage to good and enduring health reveals the potential deleterious effects of “modern root canal therapy” and “implant dentistry”.

Be Part of Dentistry's Green Future

By Ina Pockrass, Co-Founder, Eco-Dentistry Association
How to be part of dentistry’s clean, green and highly profitable future by embracing abundant high technology and good old common sense.
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