Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings Polishing Poison

The Problem with Regular Dental Cleaning & Mercury Amalgam Fillings

The mercury in amalgam fillings is the most toxic non-radioactive metal on the earth.

The mercury in amalgam fillings is not inert or stable. It off-gases continuously. This toxic release is greatly increased during dental cleaning or drilling, chewing (especially hard foods like nuts), grinding the teeth, and drinking hot liquids.

If you have mercury amalgam fillings, it is crucial to be informed. Watch the video below, then consider consulting with a biological dentist or holistic practitioner who knows how to safely remove amalgam and support effective detoxification of heavy metal poisoning. (Need to find a biological dentist or allied practitioner near you? Search our directory!)

At the very least, be sure and ask your dental hygienist to not polish the mercury amalgam surfaces during your cleaning appointments. For when a “silver” amalgam filling is polished, an enormous amount of mercury vapor is released into your mouth, body, and brain.

It is your right as a dental patient – and imperative to your health – to politely but firmly ask that your hygienist STOP polishing poison.

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