embed pdf from workdrive test

The document below uses the zoho embed code. All PDF controls will be found on the PDF viewer toolbar, located at the bottom of the PDF document. You must hover your mouse pointer over the document for the toolbar to appear. You can disable the thumbnails of the pages shown on the left by clicking the small “X” in the top right of the thumbnail area. To view the document in full screen, click the fullscreen icon shown on the pdf toolbar at the bottom of the document. If you would like to download the pdf file, click on the green “download” button at the top of the pdf viewer.


We can also embed Zoho Writer files (similar to microsoft word), which are much easier to edit in their native format.
this embed comes from zoho workdrive


This is the same document, but the embed comes from zoho writer. notice how it displays different than the embed document above. All one page, opposed to two separate pages.

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