enlightenDENTAL is seeking a Full-Time Associate Dentist

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Sales

enlightenDENTAL, a growing private biological dental practice in a beautiful uptown neighborhood, is seeking a full-time associate dentist with a high interest in CE’s and in building relationships while professionally leading the team. People seeking biological dental care travel from all over the region for treatment to our state-of-the-art holistic dental practice. We are a fee-for-service office (not in-network with insurance companies). We cater to the needs of our patients and have a long waiting list that is booked out for several months.

Dr. Blackwell will mentor the associate in Holistic and Functional dentistry, comprehensive treatment planning with airway, and the techniques of biomimetic dentistry. This is a great opportunity because, as the associate, you would immediately be able to take over the bulk of our restorative practice and build the surgical portion of the practice. Dr. Blackwell wants to devote more time to airway cases. The opportunity also exists in the future to incrementally purchase the practice.

Our office is fully mercury safe and utilizes the IAOMT SMART amalgam removal protocols. We have state of the art technology and equipment. Our office is equipped with an unparalleled air purification system. Some of our services include a CBCT Scan, NOMAD hand-held machine, Ozone Machine, PRF Machine, expansive orthodontics, and more!

Our potential associate dentist must have 2+ years’ experience, be comfortable with surgical extractions, have an interest in placing implants, be able to perform superb restorative work, and have good interpersonal skills. The ability to successfully train team members is a plus.

Visit our website at enlightendentalnola.com. If interested and would like more information about this awesome opportunity, please contact Catherine, our Office Manager, at catherine@enlightendentalnola.com.



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