IABDM 2018 Scottsdale Course Descriptions

Pre-Meeting Courses

Additional fee applies to each pre-meeting course

Biological Dentistry 101

Learn everything your office needs to know to start: safe mercury removal, nutrition, chelation, meridians, root canal infections, cavitations, EAV, muscle testing, fluoride toxicity, and much more!

Impaired Mouth Syndrome to Holistic Mouth Solutions

Felix Liao, DDS
Dentists who are trained as mouth doctors are in the driver’s seat to redevelop patients’ airway to support sleep. In this day-long seminar, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of living with a normal size-6 tongue in a underdeveloped size-3 habitat, and how to resolve them naturally while the patient sleeps using oral appliances and a Whole Health-oriented integrative collaboration among all health professionals.

Surgical Savvy: From Extractions to Cavitations

From Extractions to Cavitations Dr. Blanche Grube DMD

Matrix Reflex Testing

The Reflex Arm Length Test Is Easy and Reliable for Both Self-Testing and Testing Dental Patients

Dr. Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND

Learn how the fascial-matrix connective tissue in our bodies can contract (similar to kinesiology) in response to challenges to help fine-tune our diagnosis and treatment on patients; how to use the Reflex Arm Length (RAL) measurement as an easy and reliable energetic testing tool; how the RAL can determine the most optimal nutritional supplements (which vitamin C tests best?) and foods (which brand of coconut oil should I buy?), as well as identify primary food allergies, dental toxins (heavy metals, galvanism, focal infections), and significant malocclusions; and more. This introductory workshop will include lecture, demos, and workshop practice periods.

Eleclectic Pain Management

Nick Meyer, DDS
Learn to use modern energy medicine in this hand-son workshop. Understand the theory and use of homeopathy, laser, microcurrents, oxidative modalities and more. We will explore muscle testing, SRT, MSA, and other diagnostic techniques.


Main Session

Focal Infection Theory Returns

Blanche Grube, DMD
The old theory of focal infections, responsible for initiating and progressing diseases in the body, has fallen by the wayside. It was believed that since you could not culture anaerobic bacteria from the mouth, then they simply did not exist. Recently, however, polymerase chain reaction technology has given us a new way to detect the presence of microorganisms inside root canal treated teeth and in bone pathologies. This has given us a refreshing look at a venerable and, I would assert, prematurely discarded theory.

What’s All the Fuss about CBD Oil?

Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
No description available

Intraoral Acupressure

James Alan, DDS
Learn how using oral acupressure on the palate can assist behavior control related to appetite control and weight loss.

Radiographic Signs of Significant Systemic Diseases

Dale A. Miles BA, DDS, MS FRCD(C), Dip. ABOMR, Dip. ABOM
Review some of the key clinical features of systemic diseases and disorders we see in our patients and get tools to recognize the radiographic manifestations on multiple imaging modalities. Come see what you may have been missing and improve your management of patients with “significant systemic diseases!”

Vitamin C 24/7: Optimizing the Impact of a Universal Therapy

Thomas Levy, MD, JD
Solid evidence now exists that the “lost” gene for producing L-gulonolactone oxidase in the human being can be functionally restored. Such a restoration allows the liver to continually produce vitamin C endogenously, while producing even more to deal with acute toxic/oxidative stresses. This has the potential to impact positively all known infectious and pathological states in a manner never before seen by any other traditional, alternative, or integrative clinical approaches.

Deep Fungal Infections Arising from Gingivitis/Periodontitis or Apical Infections

John Parks Trowbridge, MD
Modern medicine is plagued by illness for which etiologic explanation is absent: leukemia, leukopenia, MS, acute renal failure, prostatitis, severe dermatoses, immune deficiency syndromes, autoimmune illness such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus – even non-specific recurrent infections. Recently-available genetic testing to identify fungal species isolated from biofilms recovered from venous blood suggest that deep fungal infections might be causative or at least contributory.

Where Does Pain Come From, And How Do We Make it Go Away?

Hal Blattman, MD
How well do we think our current model and treatment of pain really works? Nociception, neuropathy, arthritis, inflammation, and pinched nerves can explain much of what our patients describe, but how effective is the treatment based upon these theories? Medication to dull senses, neuro-ablative procedures, and surgery are seen as routine. As such, treatment of chronic pain is more about coping than it is about healing and making the pain go away. This presentation discusses a paradigm that pain is sequelae from a life time of injuries that can be detected by physical examination and also healed from within the body.

How Occult Dental Problems Cause Systemic Illness

David Minkoff, MD
Learn how dental interventions can lead to systemic illness where the dental cause is never suspected and the illness is never really handled. See cases that illustrate this, many of which are serious medical problems where the dental link was never suspected.

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