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True Principles of Health
Presenter: Ron Carlson DDS

This presentation will focus first and foremost on the fundamental biologic and physiological True Principles of Health; that is freedom from illness, poverty and conflict.

Questions You Should Ask Your Dental Professional Before you Sit in their Chair
Presenter: Mike Darcy

Did you know 1 in 5 patients experience backwash when visiting the dentist? Did you also know the average dentist releases three pounds of mercury waste into our waterways every year? Our course will teach you what to look for when choosing the right environmentally friendly dental practice to use for your dental needs.

What Does Gum Disease Have to Do with Cancer?
Presenter: Blanche Grube, DMD, MIABDM

Research has shown that oral health is the key to whole body health. While this has been studied for more than a century, it’s commonly ignored by the medical profession. More importantly, conventional dentistry is often the culprit of creating a hostile environment in the mouth by using toxic materials. While this lecture focuses on “cancer,” it also shines the light on many of today’s diseases that are positively linked to oral health. We’ll explore metal toxicity, root canals, implants, gum disease, oral pathogens, and more, along with solutions to help you regain your health and just how important mouth health is to whole body health.

Natural Oral Care Products
Presenter: Fran Horning, RDH

No summary available

Vitamin C Therapy: The Increasing Applications of Vitamin C
Presenter: Tom Levy MD, JD

Vitamin C therapy, by intravenous administration and via multiple other forms of administration, has been utilized for many decades around the world, predominantly in the clinical setting. Very gradually, it is also being administered in the hospitalized setting. Its benefits as both a monotherapy and as an important adjunctive therapy in a wide array of medical conditions are unparalleled in comparison to any other single agent or intervention. Today, even more applications of vitamin C are being researched and increasingly utilized, and even more dramatic results are consistently being seen. These new applications, as well as a pertinent review of its traditional applications along the results achieved, will be reviewed in some detail. The proposed role for vitamin C as part of any treatment protocol for any condition will also be discussed.

Sleep-Airway-Jaw Connections to Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Cancer
Presenter: Felix Liao, DDS, MIABDM

Sleep can boost immune system, recharge energy, and recover health naturally — provided that the airway is wide open during sleep. Join Dr. Felix Liao, author of 6-Foot Tiger 3-Foot Cage, to find root-cause level treatment: 1) How deficient jaws create an undersized habitat to force the tongue into occupying the airway; 2) Impaired Mouth Syndrome: common consequences of sleep apnea and malocclusion (bad bite); 3) New epigenetic solutions that helps widen airway painlessly while you sleep. Airway rules because oxygen is not optional in cancer prevention, recovery, and wellness maintenance.

The Truth about Dentistry
Presenter: Thomas Lokensgard, DDS

No summary available

Biocompatible Dentistry for a Healthier You
Presenter: Michael Margolis, DDS, FIABDM

Your mouth is the gateway to whole body health. Come join me to hear real patient cases in which cleaning up dental issues such as mercury fillings, root canals, past extraction sites, and other issues has helped patients restore their health.

How Your Teeth Can Control Your Health & Well-Being
Presenter: Nicholas Meyer, DDS

The Holistic Dental Matrix is not only the journey Dr. Meyer took to uncover the intricacies of how so many diseases are connected to the mouth, but it also includes the practical solutions that alleviate the suffering of so many whose condition has eluded many healthcare practitioners. In his model of health care, Dr. Meyer puts dentistry, the care of the mouth and its related structures in the center of a healthcare model that works. His easy delivery will make for an enjoyable lecture that might even save you some money.

Dental Public Health’s Greatest Blunder: Protecting Patients from Excess Fluoride
Presenter: Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH

For seven decades and based on incomplete evidence of efficacy or safety, the CDC and dentists have encouraged fluoride supplements as one of public heath’s greatest achievements of the 20th Century. Two thirds of children now have biomarkers of having ingested too much fluoride. This presentation will review how much is needed, how much is safe, how much is being ingested, and how we can avoid excess fluoride and harm.

Dangers in Dentistry: How to Protect You and Your Family
Presenter: Marvin Pantangco, DDS

In today’s information age, consumers are bombarded with opposing information and differing viewpoints causing confusion for patients. In this lecture, I will sort through this conflicting information to reveal what dentistry is like through the eyes of a mainstream dentist and a biological dentist. Understanding this difference will allow you to make the best choice for yourself and your loved ones.

Recognizing Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in the Dental Patient
Presenter: Allison Savic RDH, BSDH, CSOM

Head and neck muscles can impact sleep disorders, TMJ pain, dental health, digestion, and more. Learn what orofacial myofunctional disorders are, what to look for, and how myofunctional therapy can help.

The Truth about Anxiety and Stress
Presenter: Leslie Shew, PhD, CTN

Chronic anxiety, stress and lifestyle affect the body, mind, and our overall health. Learn how a practitioner’s personal and professional perspective on the human struggle with anxiety and stress affect the overall quality-of-life. Master the 6 basic frameworks for helping patients achieve homeostasis, inner peace and general well-being.

Could Your Dentist Give You Cancer – or Other Deadly Diseases?
Presenter: John Parks Trowbridge MD

Most people think of “dental issues” as cavities, root canals, even dentures. What everyone misses is the prospect that unknown mouth infections and exposure to toxic metals and chemicals in dental materials can have dramatic effects on body functions, especially your immune system. It’s long past time to become an active partner in your dental care — your life depends on it!

Dentistry Is Changing on a Daily Basis
Presenter: Carol Wells, RDH

Current research on gum disease/ periodontal disease has discovered the link between inflammation in the mouth/oral cavity and diseases of the body. This disease process sets up the “Oral Systemic Connection.” What is the difference between a traditional dental hygiene appointment and a biological dental hygiene appointment? We will be discussing these differences and how they can affect you.

How to Keep Good Energy in Your Life
Presenter: Sue Whittaker

How do you tame the harmful effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF)? Experts world-wide say the power frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz are “possibly carcinogenic” and say action should be taken to prevent serious harm, regardless of scientific debates about the safe levels or cause of that harm. We’ll explore cutting-edge protective solutions for buildings, homes, offices, schools, and apartments, as well as solutions for people on-the-go that keep them protected all the time. Q & A time included.

Dental or Visceral? How Sugar, Food, Allergies Affect Teeth
Presenter: Louisa Williams, DC, ND

When we have pain in our teeth or swollen and inflamed gums, we typically think we have a dental problem, but that is not always the case. Chronic gut dysbiosis, liver and biliary congestion, intermittent gastritis, and pancreatic enzyme deficiency can also generate disturbing tooth and gum symptoms. Although, it is important to consult with your biological dentist when these signs and symptoms arise, it is just as essential to assess your lifestyle and determine if you are undermining your dental health with a toxic diet, an undiagnosed food allergy, or simply just not addressing your disturbing health concerns with a holistic physician or practitioner. In this session, you will learn a few simple treatments for healing chronic (and often intermittent and difficult to diagnose) tooth and gum pain and inflammation, through addressing a very typical root cause — the impaired and dysfunctioning organs in your body.

Ozone and Other Alternative Therapies in Dentistry
Presenter: Eric Zaremski, DDS

We’ll look at the reason behind using ozone therapies and how the therapy is implemented in a dental practice – and look at other alternative therapies and how they contribute to better outcomes for the patient in addition to providing a gentler and kinder approach to dentistry.

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