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IABDM 2017 Houston Course Descriptions


Pre-Meeting Courses

Biological Dentistry 101 (additional fee required)

Michael Margolis, DDS; Marjan Seywerd, DDS; Dawn Ewing, PhD
Learn everything your office needs to know to start: safe mercury removal, nutrition, chelation, meridians, root canal infections, cavitations, EAV, muscle testing, fluoride toxicity, and much more!

From Impaired Mouth Syndrome to Holistic Mouth Solutions (additional fee required)

Felix Liao, DDS
Dentists who are trained as mouth doctors are in the driver's seat to redevelop patients' airway to support sleep. In this day-long seminar, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of living with a normal size-6 tongue in a underdeveloped size-3 habitat, and how to resolve them naturally while the patient sleeps using oral appliances and a Whole Health-oriented integrative collaboration among all health professionals.

Main Session

Energetic Testing: In Vivo Biofeedback for More Accurate Diagnoses and More Effective Treatment Plans

Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
Description forthcoming

Detoxification and Regeneration in the Management of Disease

Victor A. Marcial-Vega, MD
We will discuss the various modalities used at our center to detoxify individuals from common contaminants such as heavy metals. These include 1) IV modalities such as EDTA chelation, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, phosphatidylcholine, glutathione, and ascorbic acid for detox and managing microbial overgrowth; 2) steam bath techniques using ozone, microcurrent and pulsed electromagnetic fields for regeneration and production of stem cells, and how restoring the cells’ electromagnetic levels can transform malignant back to normal tissue; and 3) the use of essential oils and relaxation modalities as a crucial component of these programs.

The Clinical Use of Nitric Oxide in Dental Medicine

Nathan S. Bryan, PhD
Description forthcoming

Oral Infections Cause Heart Attacks

Thomas Levy, MD, JD
The current medical literature now clearly demonstrates that root canal-treated teeth are all sites of chronic focal infection, as well as producers of highly potent toxins produced by dental pathogens under anaerobic conditions. In addition to demonstrating why the root canal procedure will always result in chronic infection, multiple studies will be cited to show that the chronic inflammation and pathogen presence now known to initiate coronary atherosclerosis virtually always originates from oral infections, typically from periodontitis or chronically infected teeth, especially root canals. It will also be shown that there are a large number of undiagnosed, asymptomatic teeth with X-ray evidence of chronic apical periodontitis (CAP), a radiological finding that is only present when the pulp of the tooth is infected and necrotic. It will be shown that these teeth are even more prone to cause heart attacks as has been proven to be the case with root canal-treated teeth, which are also teeth that very frequently demonstrate CAP. A number of current articles in the dental literature will be cited to demonstrate not only this cause-and-effect cardiac connection, but also to demonstrate the many links of these infected teeth to a wide variety of chronic degenerative diseases.

Ozone Dental Therapies

Eric Zaremski, DDS, OFM
We will talk about the history, science, and uses of ozone in its different forms in dentistry. You will have a better understanding of what ozone is and how it is safely used in every facet of dental care and medicine.

Top 5 Reasons to Doubt Your Heart Doctor

John Parks Trowbridge, MD, FACAM
Patients have grown weary and leery of the current offerings from their medical specialists. Family docs (and their fleet of PAs and NPs) are gate-keepers called PCPs. Specialists are overwhelmed with the worried well, and lawyers are looking over their shoulders and through their electronic medical records. The catastrophe is simply that you/we/us! — the patients — are caught in the middle between conflicting approaches regarding how to determine and deliver the care we need. Control of modern medical practices is intensely focused on “process" and not “product," and physicians can lose their license for “doing it differently” despite producing results that the “conventional approach” failed to provide. What is the best care to meet your needs? How does one avoid becoming a victim in this head-on crash of values as newer, more effective standards of care emerge?

Stem Cell Treatment for TMJ

James Weiss, MD
We will explore stem cell treatments for musculoskeletal diseases and physiatric treatments for TMJ, and how these treatments can be used together in a dental practice. We will also look at the application of stem cells for other dental diseases as it relates to state of the art technology for delivering stem cells to your patients.

What You Want to Know About the EPA and Water Treatment Regulation

Mike Darcy
How can we protect our environment – with or without the EPA rule regarding the proper use of amalgam separators, evacuation line cleaners, and toxic waste recycling? In addition to discussing these issues, we will also look at how to make your amalgam separator more effective in order to meet Water Treatment (POTW) discharge limits.

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