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Regional Meetings

DR-and-chairThese member-only meetings are small in size and provide a personalized, hands on learning experience. They are available regionally throughout the US and many are available online. These meetings offer CEUs in courses with high interest around the latest biological treatments and research.


Upcoming Events

Introductory Chelation Course for Dentists

April 22, 2017
Spring, TX

A joint offering of the IABDM and ICIM

Instructor: John Parks Trowbridge, MD, FACAM

Dentists are literally staring down a major toxin every day in almost every mouth: mercury amalgam “silver” fillings.

And although heavy metals such as mercury create or dramatically worsen an astounding number of illnesses, most patients wind up going to “organ doctors” who haven’t a clue about this, when what they need is to see cause-treating doctors who can reduce the body burden and restore better health.

Treatment with Intravenous Edetate (or certain oral medications) – chelation therapy – is the only FDA-approved treatment for reducing the body burden of toxic heavy metals. Whether you want to start practicing chelation in your office, or just learn about how it could dramatically help your patients, the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) and IABDM are proud to offer a comprehensive introduction, including information that can help you begin.

Taught by the IABDM’s Dr. John Trowbridge, this one-day course will give you a solid understanding of the science and practice of this remarkably effective treatment for removing toxic metals from the body. Based on guidelines that define the industry standard, the course is designed to provide training that is practical, detailed, and well documented.

Course fee: $200 - 250
CEUs available

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Beginner EAV for Dental Offices

May 12 - 13, 2017
Spring, TX

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Ewing

Course fee: $800
Includes lunch both days, dinner on Friday night, and digital versions of all 6 of Dr. Reinhold Voll's books. Space is limited.

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