Regional Meetings

These member-only meetings are small in size and provide a personalized, hands on learning experience.

Most of these meetings offer CEUs in courses with high interest around the latest biological treatments and research. See individual course details for CE availability.

Upcoming Events

Airway Appliance Design with Sassouni Plus Cephalometric Analysis

September 27 - 28, 2019
Falls Church, VA

Instructors: Dr. Richard Beistle & Dr. Felix Liao

Airway Diagnosis means knowing what’s off and by how much in both maxilla and mandible. Sassouni Plus Cephalometrics (S+) and Schwarz Model Analysis form the rational basis of Dr. Liao’s 3D Jaw Diagnostics™method of airway appliance design for predictable clinical success. This introductory seminar will provide an overview of S+ Cephalomoetric Analysis, airway/TMJ appliance design based on this analysis, and more.

Follow-up seminars in October and November will take a deep dive into appliance design on cases brought by attendees, along with appliance delivery, adjustments, and monitoring.

Seating is limited to 16 doctors at any one seminar.

Course fee: $1800 per seminar if paid at least 30 days in advance ($2100 otherwise). Tuition includes an option to have each doctor treated using a DNA appliance by paying the lab bill involved.

Download full details & registration form for all three seminars

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