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by | Sep 16, 2014 | Biological Dentistry

Hal Huggins writes…

A few weeks ago, our preacher gave a sermon on Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. I thought, “This is not a sermon but humanitarianism. That still, small voice with a megaphone said, “Get his notes and convert this talk into poetry!” I did. Then I thought,

Give me a moment and it will be seen
That King and I share a dream.

Listen to the King poem and note how things have changed in 50 years:

My heart cried out a primal scream
nurture me, I am your dream
Let’s not wallow in the valley of despair
align yourself with those who care

My dream is very American
try to live the Celestial Plan
Our nation has a central creed
one that we can all concede

We call the truths self evident
and worship them like Heaven sent
Our creed says men are created equal
did this come from a church with steeple

Or was it from the minds of men
who tried to create mankind again
Create a nation for individuals
without the need for infidels

My dream extends to sons of slaves
whose ancestors lived a life of craze
And to the owners of plantations
may healing occur in generations

May the table of brotherhood
replace where master and slave once stood
Even here in old Miss
we’ll never see a doubled fist

A state now known for great injustice
seemed to delight if first they cussed us
A state of unlimited oppression
who gives us not one concession

Can be transformed to an oasis of freedom
establishing a whole new type of kingdom
I dream that my four small offspring
can know the joy of freedom ring

I dream they’re judged by integrity
that constitutes personality
No longer feeling that it’s a sin
to have a different colored skin

I have a dream there’ll come a day
when blacks and whites together play
Children learning to judge each other
as sister and as brother

Not as foreign to be avoided
but how to see each other rewarded
Start their lives unimpeded
where racism has receded

I have a dream to be exalted
that prejudice shall be defaulted
That crooked shall be changed to straight
that man shall learn to turn from hate

That the glory of the Lord shall break its tether
and all flesh shall see it together
That man is created in the image of God
Now let’s watch His great head nod

Next came another message: Write my lecture in poetry. My dream is being fulfilled by hundreds of dentists. Project my DNA findings 50 years in the future and watch dentistry evolve into a true health profession.

Huggins’ Dream of the Future of Dentistry

In eighteen hundred thirty two
Paris introduced something new
Amalgam was the way to fill the teeth
easy, quick what a relief

mercury amalgam filling

Sleepy water and nitrous oxide
gave numbness a brand new guide
Painless Parker made use of this
going to the dentist was now near bliss

No one thought of mercury disease
filling teeth was now a breeze
Then Stock and Frickholm and Olympio
found that mercury crept out slow


Which upset no end the ADA
still the dentist must obey
The dose so small it can’t be bad
but don’t dare make the leaders mad

Examine the high copper amalgam
even with the best of rubber dam
Gives 50 times more mercury
into our body floating free

Amalgam War one two and three
set the profession’s destiny
I dream there’ll be a brand new plastic
whose properties will be fantastic

mercury amalgam vs. composite

Composites without aluminum
providing toxicity to overcome
At doses that are really small
parts per quintillion that still appall

aluminum and hafnia

Doses that small seen on our gels
can kill our active immune white cells
Fillings should be tooth colored white
hidden beyond normal site

white cells

Those abscessed teeth too sick to save
through root canals we provide a grave
They may be brittle and seem quite dead
but leave them in the mouth instead

Though home for many bacterium
to surgery they don’t have to succumb
I dream that dentistry will finally discover
hundreds of microbes living under cover

bacteria that affect the heart

Heart disease and even cancer
are not a normal healthy answer
Just to fill a single space
where bridges and partials could take their place

dental partials
Reflecting back to Mayo’s and Price
is it really worth the sacrifice
They showed with lots of implanted rabbits
this is not a real good habit

Root canals have no MHC
so they become your enemy
I dream we’ll use our DNA
to chase the anaerobes away

root canals and Lyme

They also provide a hiding place
for Lyme’s Borrelia to embrace
Lyme does its damage, then hides away
in root canals, they love to play

They stay in there for months on end
for there is no immune system to defend
Then drop your resistance for a minute
and you can no longer defend it

X-rays are our state of art
though they can not tell disease apart
I dream that someday testing will show
that infection doesn’t have to glow

root canal x-rays

Look again at that apex
that X-ray is actually playing tricks
When immune cells are killing bugs
the “healthy” microbes are living snug

infected tooth
sterile vs. infected tooth root

Can you believe for a hundred years
That X-rays show not what appears
We’ve been told that black’s infection
and never thought of actual connections

That bone dissolves during immune protection
and “healthy” looking roots are full of infection
And those pathological microbes fill our bodies
every organ providing lobbies

pathogens in root canals

It is impossible to see the detail of the microbes here, but that is not the point. The point is that if these “healthy” root canals were really sterile, the whole scene would be blank. The 370 black squares indicate that the immune system is fighting those microbes. Don’t be too concerned. The 98 red squares indicate that the microbes are more damaging than the immune system can neutralize. Pay attention to these and support the immune system with IVC, bacteriostatic antibiotics or other means of your choice. Actually, all 19 patients had neurological diseases and all of them showed good recovery after the tooth removal. All in all, 468 pathogens were present.

root canal pathogens

With invitations to move right in
this indeed is a biological sin
The “healthy” root canals are doing us dirt
those are the ones that really hurt


Third molars out – leaves cavitations
they’re lined with lots of toxic rations
Oozing out a toxin blend
which immune systems cannot defend

condensing osteitis

Left unattended, a sick tooth will grow
a calcium lining which doesn’t show
This is condensing osteitis
the pain from which really ignites us

Fibromyalgia the pain is called
from the contaminated calcium wall
X-rays and psychiatrists cannot find
what’s driving us out of our mind

effects of ozone

The modern dentist considers ozone
which anaerobes can not condone
But aerobes ask for another dose
I’m on steroids, so they boast

Prevention brings us mechanical slants
the use of plastic sealants
Think of a hand over nose and mouth
that fluid flow must go south

hand covering mouth

Without a source of nutrient
the tooth suffers punishment
Stopping fluid flow is the way
to develop massive rampant decay

rampant caries

Steinman found the fluid flow
sometimes fast, sometimes slow
Rapid transit brings nutrient
that’s the healthy precedent

fluid flow in tooth

He found those metabolic shields
related to what was in our meals
Carbs and protein and ATP
determined the tooth’s destiny

Dentists and parents will understand
that decay is systemic – isn’t that grand
Through diet alone you can bestow
control over that marvelous fluid flow

The secret is in the Parotid gland
he’s the one who gives the command
Fluid flow from pulp through enamel
that’s the way in every mammal

Add Page’s phosphorus of 3.5
Now we can let a tooth survive
Dental decay is not endemic
the problem here is totally systemic

phosphorous and dental decay

Food’s more effective than the brush
hard foods better than softened mush
Watch your chemistry for the 3 point 5
and that will keep your teeth alive

dental restorations

Don’t worry about a tattoo alone
below it is soggy black soft bone
Another home for anaerobe bugs
growing there like a bunch of thugs

God protect the children, white, black or brown
should someone suggest a chromium crown
All Nephrologists seem to agree
protect the kids precious kidney

case study

Bone grafts or your face will collapse
keep that secret under wraps
Cadaver bone in the socket
retains your beauty, so don’t knock it


Again I dream of DNA
to see if it’s really OK
Are those bone grafts really sterile
if they’re not, you’re in peril

Dental DNA

They search for hepatitis, then for AIDS
like kids in a bacterial arcade
There are many ways to check sterility
though looking like a lesson in futility

bone graft sterility

For the lethal bacteria are left behind
obviously for the mortician to find
Grafts should be considered like transplants
not just inserted without a glance

autogenous bone graft

So try for autogenous, like a piece of torus
should be accepted for its quite porous
My body will surely accept them
for I have plenty of glycoleptin
Blood clots are far better instead
delicate bone cells will always die
In 30 seconds with no blood supply

Why not pull teeth and place implants
certainly this is the circumstance
They take little care to keep them clean
and surgery is not that extreme

dental implants

Root canals certainly produce their share
of bacteria that tend to scare . .
Pathologists looking for disease
but implants tend to make them freeze

Implants by far collect the worst
they are the ones that call the hearse
Have a bridge or would you rather
have an implant and become a cadaver

implant pathogens

Watching DNA and blood chemistry
takes away the mystery
How do we sort through all this crud
the secrets are written in the blood

For fluoride there’s not much to say
except to watch for truth decay

– Dr. Hal A. Huggins
Colorado Springs



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