A Late Addition to Our Vegas Meeting: Minamata Convention = Game-Changer

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Announcements

“Why the Minamata Convention on Mercury Is a Game-Changer for Mercury-Free Dentistry”

A breakfast event with Charlie Brown, Consumers for Dental Choice

IABDM 2014, Las Vegas
October 9 – 12

Attending our annual meeting in Vegas next month? If so, you don’t want to miss this brief talk by Charlie, followed by a Q & A session over breakfast at the Beach Cafe (the breakfast room for the Tropicana).

Charlie Brown“This month,” says Charlie, “we see fruits of our collective labor: EPA proposes a national requirement for amalgam separators. Via the Zogby poll and another petition campaign (the last one aimed at EPA was successful), we are ratcheting up the heat on FDA. Internationally, we are working to end amalgam use with projects on every continent: I have held national conferences in Nigeria, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Uruguay. The Europe Union is poised to make its decision on whether amalgam use will be discontinued.”

The event will run from 7 to 7:45am on Friday, October 10. Ask for Section 6 of the Cafe – a semi-separate dining area with high-top tables. Each attendee should get his or her own breakfast buffet and bring it, or have coffee or tea.

Consumers for Dental Choice will have a booth for those dentists who cannot attend the breakfast.

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