Directory of Biological Dentists, Doctors & Allied Professionals

Our directory exists for one reason: to help you find a biological dentist near you.

We List Our Certified Members First. Their certification badge indicates that they have received training from us covering the philosophy and essential practices of biological dentistry, including safe mercury removal, dental ozone, nutrition, energetic connections, homeopathy, and more.

They must then pass a written exam and complete a culminating project. For dentists, this project is a presentations of two case studies of how they safely remove mercury from patients in their office, following our PROTECT Protocol, which you can learn more about here. For hygienists, it’s a small study or article, video, or other presentation on a topic in biological dentistry.

Our accreditation programs facilitate patient trust through recognition of Certified Biological Dentists, Hygienists, and other dental workers. In fact, only dentists who have completed our certification process may call themselves “Certified Biological Dentists.”


Being listed in our directory does NOT guarantee in any way that the practitioner follows all that our Standards of Practice advise. For no two dentists practice exactly the same way. This doesn’t mean that the care you receive from one will be better or worse than the care you receive from another, just different.

If you have special needs – for instance, a fragrance-free environment – we encourage you to ask questions before visiting any office.

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