Mercury-Free Dentistry Week Is Almost Here!

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Heavy Metals

A message to our members from Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice

Here comes the best week of the year for you to promote your dental, dental hygiene, medical or other health professional practice: August 12 – 19, 2018!

red x through mercury amalgamThat’s because, each August, our friend Dr. Joseph Mercola spends an entire week dedicated to advancing the cause of mercury-free dentistry through Mercury-Free Dentistry Week.

Here is your chance to educate and promote yourself as being “right from the start” – an advocate for mercury-free dentistry before its time. But it’s time is now, as we finally push this primitive, pre-Civil War pollutant into the dustbins of history.

Throughout the next week, both Dr. Mercola and I will be urging folks to patronize only mercury-free dentists. These days, no dentist should ever place an amalgam filling in any child or any adult under any circumstances. Many of you are published on our website, which Dr. Mercola links to – and to, as well – from each of his dental articles.

It’s also the week we build up the war chest to win the national and worldwide campaign for mercury-free dentistry.

Dr. Mercola will be matching, dollar-for-dollar, every donation to Consumers for Dental Choice, the nonprofit group I lead, up to a maximum of $125,000. This is a 25% increase from last year’s max of $100,000.

He believes deeply in our cause and our track record of success, in the hope that the health professionals and consumers of North America will support us.

So for the coming week, Dr. Mercola and I suggest

  • Promoting your mercury-free, mercury-safe practices through your social media, blog, newsletters, and other outreach, as well as your community at large. Mercury-free dentistry is 21st century dentistry, and amalgam is a relic of the past.

  • Donating to Consumers for Dental Choice so we can continue to lead the charge in America and globally to rid the planet of mercury amalgam.


Charles G. Brown
Executive Director and National Counsel,
Consumers for Dental Choice



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