Meridian Pathways in Biological Dentistry

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Biological Dentistry, Root Canals

The following article was written by administrative supervisor Aislyn Peña, in completion of requirements to become an IABDM Certified Biological Staff Member. Congratulations, Aislyn!

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tooth meridian chartIn biological dentistry, the dentist will assess your oral health along with your overall health. They will study and assess how issues with your teeth can also cause other issues with your organs, tissues, and glands.

Each tooth in the human body is connected through the meridian pathways. This is similar to how a chiropractor assesses your health and how an issue in one area of your body could cause pain in a different area. The same goes for acupuncture, where you may have a headache, but the needle is placed in your toe to help relieve the pain or other problems you may have with your organs. Your whole body is connected, and when assessing any issues, one should look at the body as a whole.

Now knowing that each tooth is related and connected to other areas of the body, we can begin to discuss some of those in more detail.

root canal diagramOne example is the effects that a root canal can have a person’s overall health. A root canal is a treatment that is typically recommended to a patient that has an infection or abscess in the root of their tooth. This could be causing pain, bad breath, a fever, or tender/swollen lymph nodes. Of course, the dentist will need an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis, but in this case, a root canal would be an option.

A root canal is a procedure in which the pulp of the tooth is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleared and sealed. However, plenty of research proves that a root canal can cause very large and serious health concerns afterwards, so biological dentists try to avoid these as much as possible. To learn more about the possible outcomes, we will discuss Dr. Thomas Ran and Dr. Weston Price.

Dr. Thomas RauDr. Thomas Ran joined the Paracelsus Clinic in Europe in 1992 as the director and wanted to transform it into a center for biological medicine. He wanted the center to focus on the underlying causes of illness in order to relieve it through natural methods. Through seeing patients, he realized that in almost every patient that had a problem with their oral health, the oral problems contributed to their illness. His clinic then expanded to also include dentistry, as he knew they had a direct correlation. For example, his research shows that 98% of women with breast cancer had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor. This shows the direct relationship between an illness and oral health issues as well.

Dr. Weston PriceDr. Weston Price was a Canadian dentist who is very well known for his research about the relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. His research showed that infected teeth should be treated by extractions and not root canals in order to limit a patient’s risk of further illness. Dr. Price studied the effects that root canal teeth can have on an animal’s health. He used teeth that had been treated with a root canal and then placed these teeth under the skin of healthy rabbits. The healthy rabbits quickly developed the same illness and diseases that the people who had those root canal teeth, while those patients’ conditions improved after removing those root canal teeth.

Through these case studies, Dr. Weston Price was able to show the direct connection between root canals and diseases, which has vastly influenced biological dentists towards recommending removal of the tooth and infection instead of root canal treatment. Dr. Price’s research and study, along with Dr. Thomas Rau’s work and our understanding of meridian pathways show that root canals have a very dangerous effect on a person’s overall health.



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