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IABDM 2013 Houston Syllabus Downloads

Dr. Nathan Bryan, Phd: Oral Microbial Nitric Oxide Production Linking Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease

Dean Bonlie, DDS: Marvels of Magnetism

  1. A Theory of Atherosclerosis
  2. How Does Magnetism Extend Longevity and Quality of Life?
  3. MagneChelation

Bill Henderson: Living Cancer-Free

Frank Shallenberger, MD: No Disease – Ever! – Using The Power of Oxygen to Prevent Disease

Brad Bale, MD & Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP: Anchoring Cardiovascular Wellness in Atherosclerosis and Arterial Inflammation

Jerry Tennant,  MD: Dentistry and Chronic Disease

Stephen R. Evans, DDS: Biological Regeneration with Autologous Fibrin Membranes and Growth Factors / PRF

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