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1993 Annual Meeting


Dr. Edward Arana: “Goals of Biological Dentistry”
Dr. David Regiani: “The Evils of Oral Electro Galvanism”
Dr. Dennis Tucker: “Advanced Acupuncture Techniques for the Isolation and Treatment of Odontogenic Foci”
Dr. Donald Bartram: “Low Level Laser Therapy”
Atty. William Dailey: “Legal Ramifications”
Aaron Anderson, CDT: “The Spectrum of Biocompatible Metals and Non-metal Esthetic Restorations”
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “The Role of Applied Kinesiology and Neural Therapy in Biological Dentistry and the DMPS Challenge”
Dr. Christopher Hussar: “Interference Fields, Cavitations, and Surgical Resolutions”
Dr. Douglas Cook: “Biological Dental Hints and Techniques”
William Moore: “Evaluation and Use of Homeopathic Therapies in the Probiotic
Treatment of Teeth and Boney Cavitations,Both Pre- and Post-treatment”
Dr. George Meinig: “Root Canals Exposed”
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “Kinesiology Demonstration”
Dr. Eugene Tunick: “You Can’t Do High Quality Biological Dentistry with Low Quality X-rays”
Walter Jess Clifford: “The Influence of Toxic Materials on Blood and Microbes: Materials Reactivity Testing”
Dr. Russel Jaffe: “Heavy Metal Detoxification”
Dr. Raymond Bertolotti: “New Visions in Adhesive Dentistry”

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1993 Annual Meeting

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