1994 Annual Meeting


This 10 DVD set includes:

Dr. Burton Goldburg: “How the Leading Edge Is Resolving Cancer”

Dr. Andrew Landerman: “Dentistry, Life and Death”

Dr. Charles Farr: “Oxidation Metabolism, Tissue Regeneration and Health”

Dr. Tim Guilford: “DMPS Challenge Test and Heavy Metal Detoxification”

Dr. Jack Alpan: “Individual and State Sovereignty in the Emerging New World Order”

Dr. Hector Solorzano: “Systemic Enzyme Therapy”

Dr. Vincent Speckhardt: “Multiple Biofeedback Signals in Chronic Disease”

Dr. Lee Cowden: “Detoxification Therapies”

Dr. Gary Strong: “Pathophysiology of Mercury from Dental Amalgams and the Role of Glutathione”

Dr. Vera Stejskal: “Melisa: “An in vitro Tool for Study of Metal Allergy”

Dr. Russel Jaffe: Auto- immune Disease from Metals Found in the Teeth and Jaws”


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1994 Annual Meeting

DVD, Memory Stick

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