1997 Annual Meeting


Dr. Bart Flick: “Uses of Silver in Medicine for Wound Sepsis and Tissue Regeneration”
Dr. Edward Arana & Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “Dedication and Recognition of Dr. Josef Issels”
Dr. Donald Bartram: “Low Level Laser Therapy”
Dr. Jerry Bouquot: “N.I.C.O. Update and Review of Ischemia and Infarction of the Jaw”
Dr. Christopher Hussar: “Surgical Intervention of Dental Interference Fields”
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “Inter-relationship of Oral Interference Fields to the Rest of the Body”
Dr. Vera Stejskal: “Melisa: “An in vitro Tool for Study of Metal Allergy”
Dr. Rumuald Hudecek: “The Clinical Restoration of Choice Based on Experience with Metal Sensitive Patients”
Dr. Boyd Haley” Current Root Canal Toxicity”
Dr. Ara Elmajian: “Stabident Procedures”
Dr. Vaughn Harada: “Swiss Numeric String Code”
James Turner, JD: “Consumers Dental Choice Project”
Dr. Antonio Miclavez: “Non-extraction, Non-surgical, Natural Orthodontic Approach”

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1997 Annual Meeting

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