2000 Annual Meeting


Dr. George Meinig: “Focal Infection Cover-up”
Dr. Thomas Thomasson: “Tissue Recovery Utilizing Infrared Photo Energy”
Dr. Garth Nicholson: “Identification and Treatment of Infections in Chronic Disease States”
Dr. Garry Gordon: “New Strategies for Controlling Infection”
Dr. Christopher Hussar: “Lyme Disease”
Dr. Mike Phillips: “The Role of Infections in Post Dental Trauma, Monastery of Herbs”
Dr. Johann Lechner: “Dental Disturbance Fields: Systemic Diagnosis and Treatment”
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “Psychobiology, Psycho Kinesiology and Healing of Cavitations”
Dr. Sang Duk Lee: “Teeth, TMJ, Organs and Bioenergy (Panel Discussion)

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2000 Annual Meeting

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