2002 Annual Meeting


This 10 DVD set includes:

  • Dr. Andrew Landerman: “EAV in the Dental Office. A Redefinition of Dental Diagnosis”
  • Dr. Garth Nicholson: “Multiple Systemic Chronic Infections in Fighting Autoimmune Illness: Role of Oral Infections”
  • Dr. Gitte Jensen: “Oral Health and Development of Chronic Illness”
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt & Dr. Dino Paulos: “Systemic Implications of Teeth and Tonsils”
  • Dr. James Garry: “Craniomandibular Relationship”
  • Dr. Ted Spence: “Fluoride: Friend or Foe?”
  • Dr. Mamtz & Dr. Landerman: “Ayurveda and Dental Medicine. Main Principles of Ayurveda and Pancha Karma”
  • Dr. Dan Green & Dr. Tal Brown: “Hello- Goodbye: Doctor/Patient Listening and Communication Skills”
  • Dr. David Russell: “Oral Cavity and Immune System”
  • Dr. Christopher Hussar: “Interpretation of Panoral Film (Panel Discussion)

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Types of Media:

DVD, Lanyard Jump Drive, Credit Card Jump Drive, Pen Jump Drive

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