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2003 Annual Meeting


This 9 DVD set includes:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “The Important Role of Lymph Drainage in Dentistry: Practical Pearls from Neural Therapy, Autonomic Response

Testing (ART) and Applied Neurobiology(APN)”

Dr. Andrew Cutler: “Lipoic Acid for Chelating Mercury”

Pam Floener, PT, RMA, CNC: “Clinical use of DMPS”

Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno, Dr. Howard Reminick & Dr. Vaughan Harada: “The Science of Heavy Metal Excretion”

Dr. Andy Landerman: “Borrelia Update”

Dr. Drake: “Bioenergetic Medicine”

Bob Jones: “Protein P21”

Dr. Jerry Tennant: “Basics of Energetic Medicine: Connecting ANS with Pathway to Disease”

Dr. Chris Simmons: “Volumetric Computerized Tomography”

Dr. Theresa Dale: “NaturopathicEndocrinology and Dental Health”

Dr. Francis Lai: “Probiotics for Biological Dentistry and Medicine (Panel Discussion)


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Types of Media:

DVD, Lanyard Jump Drive, Credit Card Jump Drive, Pen Jump Drive


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