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2006 Annual Meeting


DVD includes,

  • Dr. Sam Queen: “Toxic Footprints in Chemistry Panels and Biotransformation”
  • Keynote: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “What is Biological Dentistry and Why Do We Need It?”
  • Dr. Andy Landerman: “EAV Terrain Assessment”
  • Dr. Nicholas Meyer: “YAG Laser Use in Dentistry”
  • Dr. Bruce Shelton:“Homotoxicology Detox”
  • Dr. Kirk Slagel: “Isopathy Therapy”
  • Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: “Structure of the Mouth as It Relates to the Body”
  • Dr. Allen Sprinkle: “Resonance Testing and Craniofacial Pain”
  • Dr. Jerry Bouquot: “A Pathologist’s View of Lack of Drainage” (presented by Dr. Michael Margolis)
  • Dr. Ara Elmajian: “The Dentist and Drainage”
  • Dr. John Rau & Dr, Dietrich Klinghardt delivering Dr. Gleditsch’s presentation
  • Syllabus included

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Types of Media:

DVD, Lanyard Jump Drive, Credit Card Jump Drive, Pen Jump Drive


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