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2007 Winter Meeting


This 11 DVD set includes:

Dr. Ron King: “How to Practice Safe Dentistry”

Dr. Phillip Memoli: “The New Paradigm of Dentistry in the 21st Century”

Dr. Michael Margolis: “Keeping the Record Straight”

Dr. Roger Trubey: “Thinking Outside the Chemistry Box: The Physics of Healing”

Bob Jones: “Cavitat and Insurance Companies”

Dr. Ara Elmajian: “Trigger Point Therapy”

Keynote: David Kirby: “Evidence of Harm”

Dr. Andrea Brockman: “The Irresistible Practice”

Charlie Brown- “Consumer’s Choice”

Dr. Boyd Haley: “Topas Testing”

Dr. Robert Harris & Phil Mollica: “Auricular Therapy”

Syllabus included


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2007 Winter Meeting

DVD, Memory Stick


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