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2009 Winter Meeting


This 10 DVD set includes:

Hal Huggins, DDS: “Chemistry Whisperer”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz: “Advanced Bioenergetics for Dentists”

John Parks Trowbridge, MD: “MercOut (oral DMPS) Mercury Detoxification Strategies”

Doug Cook, DDS : “Energy in Dentistry and Medicine”

Bruce H Shelton, MD, MD(h), DiHom, FBIH: “A New Innovative Method of Detox and Drainage for Biological Dentistry Using Complex Homeopathic Remedies”

Dr. Bill Landers: “Traditional vs. Microbiological Periodontal Disease Assessment and Therapy”

Bobbie Beckman, DDS: “Zirconia Implants”

Steven Green, DDS: “The Science ofBiological Dentistry; Underlying Mechanisms of Disease”

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2009 Winter Meeting

DVD, Memory Stick


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