2013 IABDM Annual Meeting – Houston


This 12-part series includes:

Oral Microbial Nitric Oxide Production Linking Oral Health & Cardiovascular Disease – Nathan Bryan, PhD
Marvels of Magnetism – Dean Bonlie
Living Cancer-Free – Bill Henderson
No Disease – Ever! – Using the Power of Oxygen to Prevent Disease – Dr. Frank Shallenberger
Anchoring Cardiovascular Wellness in Atherosclerosis and Arterial Inflammation – Brad Bale & Amy Doneen
Dentistry & Chronic Disease – Dr. Jerry Tennant
Biological Regeneration with Autologous Fibrin Membranes & Growth Factors / PRF –  Dr. Steve Evans


12-Part Video Series for the 2013 IABDM Conference in Houston, TX

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2013 Annual Meeting

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