25th Anniversary Meeting – 2011


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Dr. Louisa Williams: “Dental Prophylaxis – Detecting and Addressing Hidden Heart Disease”

Dr. Louisa Williams: “Marine Sea Plasma – The Quintessential Nutrient for Detoxification and Mineral Repletion”

Dr. Boyd Haley: “Oxidative Stress Causes and Systemic Effects”

Dr. Boyd Haley: “Mercury Exposure and Its Relationship to Alzheimer’s Disease”

Dr. Hal Huggins: ”Advance to the Rear”

Dr. Jerry Bouquot: “The Abused Mouth – A Clinical Stroll through the Oral Effects of Drugs, Products, Habits and Psychoses


8-Part Video Series for the 2011 IABDM 25th Anniversary Meeting in Carmel, CA

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