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Livon200Livon Labs uses Lypo-Spheric™ technology uses liposomes to protect the active nutrient from destruction in your digestive system. Liposomes are bilayer (double-layer), liquid-filled bubbles made from phospholipids. Over 50 years ago, researchers discovered that these spheres could be filled with therapeutic agents and used to protect and deliver these agents into the body and even into specific cells of the body.

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marsbiomed2The E.P.A. is writing a basic regulation and has clearly indicated that local P.O.T.W.’s will be responsible for enforcing the new regulations to fit their local requirements. For the dental practitioners this means that the purchase of an Amalgam Separator system prior to the regulation’s release may be a bit challenging. What if the separator you choose is not suited for the more demanding Municipal By-Laws that will follow? The proposed "Grandfather" clause that many separator companies so loosely refer to, is in the draft. However, most separators do not have a media bed to capture the dissolved mercury that the POTW’s are looking for. Although dissolved mercury is not an issue for the EPA, it is a major concern for the local POTW’s. We suggest that you ask your supplier for a written guarantee, after all, if they are willing to take your money, they should guarantee their product.

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