The Gateway to Internal Health

by | Aug 14, 2013 | Biological Dentistry

Dr. Felix LiaoIABDM member Dr. Felix Liao was one of two DC area dentists profiled by Asian Fortune magazine last month.

Felix Liao, D.D.S, is not a dentist. He is a whole mouth doctor. The holistic practitioner sees thousands of patients in his pristine office in Falls Church, Va. and performs various treatments, some of which push the borders of traditional dentistry, such as mercury filling removal and jaw expansion. All procedures focus on the health of the entire mouth — and by extension, the entire body.

* * *

Liao says that the concept of whole mouth health is his idea — his “baby” — and plans to publish a book soon on the subject detailing his holistic methods, theories, and practices. For now he maintains his own blog through which he educates his patients on how the mouth works in tandem with other parts of the body and how it functions as the source of a person’s optimal, or poor, health.

Read the full article (page 9, or here).



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