Gary M. Verigin Research Library

When the IABDM was founded – as the American Academy of Biological Dentistry – one aim was to bring researchers to the US to teach dentists the findings of German Biological Medicine and their dental applications.

Another was to secure English translations of some of the most important German research in the field. This work defined biological dentistry and built the foundation for its practice in the United States.

In this archive – a work in process – we’ve begun collecting some of the most important of this material, as well as hard-to-find reprints that were shared at their early meetings or through the Academy’s original journal, Focus.

We will also be including digital versions of important but hard-to-find books in the field.



Interference Fields & Foci
Dental Treatments


ALT Conference
Diagnosis & Treatment of Osteo-cavitational Necrosis by Dr. Wesley Shankland

Turk & Glasser on Herdgeschehen: Diagnostik und Therapie (Focal Infection: Diagnosis & Treatment; in German, without English translation)

Focal Diagnosis & Therapy (in German, with English translation)