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Directory of Biological Dentists, Doctors & Allied Professionals

All practitioners listed in this directory are current members of the IABDM.

logo1Members officially certified by the IABDM in the practice of biological dentistry are noted by a logo next to their name.

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Our organization is more than happy to help individuals find a health practitioner who has been trained within the philosophy of the organization. Our recommendation does NOT guarantee in any way that the practitioner they find will be as holistically-minded as our Standards of Practice advise.

In order to avoid potential problems, patients who have particular needs should ask questions before they embark on a visit to any office. For instance, some patients may love the smell of essential oils used by practitioners, while those who are environmentally ill cannot tolerate it at all.

No two doctors practice exactly alike. This does not always mean that the care you receive from one will be superior or inferior to that from another, just different.