Klonopin Online. Precautions, Contraindications, and Side Effects of the Drug

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If you plan to use Klonopin to treat panic or seizures disorders, you should know precautions and contraindications to the drug use, the side effects it may provoke, and other things that may influence the safety of your treatment.

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Precautions, Contraindications and Side Effects of Klonopin

Every year, more than 2.3 million Americans get treatment with Klonopin. This preparation is officially approved by the FDA to treat panic disorders and seizures. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine medication. It is as effective as other benzos. However, this drug is much safer compared to other representatives of its class.
Klonopin contains clonazepam as an active ingredient. This substance is classified as Schedule IV and is controlled. Clonazepam, if misused, may cause physical euphoria, leading to tolerance and addiction. Many people use it for recreational purposes. The officials do everything possible to prevent the uncontrolled use of Klonopin, which is why you can buy this medication only if you have a valid prescription.

How Does It Work? Can It Be Used for Other Medical Conditions?

Aside from seizures and panic, Klonopin can also work effectively in the therapy of anxiety disorders. It is not inferior in the effectiveness of alprazolam (Xanax) and lorazepam (Ativan), which are officially recommended to treat this group of mental disorders.
Depending on your symptoms and response to other treatments, your doctor may recommend taking Klonopin for restless leg syndrome, REM sleep disorder, alcohol withdrawal, and muscle spasticity caused by Lou Gering’s disease. This drug is not the first-line treatment, but it can be used if the recommended methods of treatment don’t work.
The effects produced by Klonopin are similar to those of other benzodiazepines. It promotes sedation, anxiety suppression, muscle relaxation, anticonvulsant effects, as well as helps to sleep better.
All these are possible due to the influence of clonazepam on the GABA receptors in the human brain. The drug stimulates their activity, producing a calming effect on the central nervous system.
Klonopin is considered a long-acting benzodiazepine. Its total duration of action ranges from 8 to 12 hours, while the after-effects may still be present within 48 hours after you’ve taken a pill.

Is There a Reason to Refuse Treatment with Klonopin?

Based on the research, Klonopin has strong abuse potential. This is one of the reasons some people should refuse treatment with this drug. You are at high risk of building up tolerance and addiction to the drug if you already abuse some substance or used to have a dependence in the past. A family history of substance abuse may also play a role. Still, if the potential benefits prevail on the possible risks, your doctor may recommend Klonopin.
The benefit-risk ratio is never evaluated in people with known hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines, those with severe liver disease, and acute narrow-angle glaucoma. Why? Because such patients are contraindicated to take Klonopin. No exceptions are allowed.

Things to Keep in Mind When on Klonopin

Many other health conditions may influence the safety of treatment with Klonopin. Some diseases may get worse because of the effects produced by the medication. To be on the safe side and allow your doctor to make the correct decision in your case, please inform him or her if you have the following health problems:
– open-angle glaucoma;
– porphyria;
– COPD/ other breathing disorders;
– depression/ unstable mood;
– renal disorder.
Klonopin is known to cause suicidal thoughts. Such risks don’t depend on the dosage or duration of treatment but they increase if you have mood swings, depression, or used to have suicidal thoughts in the past. Some people may already notice this problem within a week of treatment. You should be cautious and contact your doctor in case you have thoughts of suicide.
Abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs during the treatment. When taken with Klonopin, they create a synergistic effect, intensifying CNS sedation. This enhances the side effects incidence and their severity. The same is true about Klonopin interaction with other medicines producing a depressant effect on your nervous system. In certain cases, such mixtures can become fatal.

Beware Unwanted Reactions. Is Klonopin Safe?

The safety profile of Klonopin is much better than in other benzodiazepines. A study by Korean scientists proved Klonopin to be safer than other drugs from its class. The incidence of side effects of clonazepam was 26.7% compared to 48.4% in the alprazolam group and 43.9% in the lorazepam group. Such figures are strong arguments in favor of Klonopin.
Users report the following side effects as most common:
– drowsiness;
– problems with coordination;
– agitation;
– nervousness;
– dizziness;
– depression.
Some adverse reactions may get milder in the process of treatment. But if any of them bother you or get worse, call your GP for advice.

Summing up

Klonopin can become your ticket to a healthier life. Just don’t ignore your doctor’s recommendations and be careful taking this drug.