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Many of your potential customers will need to make changes to be ready for business when the time comes, and we want to help you reach them! The IABDM, renowned for “showing the science” and teaching practitioners how to do it, has launched several new initiatives to support our members. These include a series of live webinars on biological dentistry, which have sparked a surge in new memberships and significantly grown our organization.

The IABDM is also the ONLY dental organization that offers the designations of:

  • Certified Biological Dentist®
  • Certified Biological Dental Hygienist
  • Certified Biological Dental Assistant

With members increasingly using our website, social media, and email communications, now is the perfect time for you to connect with them by becoming an IABDM sponsor. We have developed two sponsorship packages to help you promote your brand and your product.

As the IABDM continues to grow, partnering with us to expand your business becomes even more valuable. Below is a snapshot of our online traffic.

Social Media

The IABDM has an active social media presence. As of early 2024, we have over 10,000 followers on Facebook, 1,800 on Instagram, 3,000 on X, and over 1,350 subscribers on YouTube.



  • Our site is visited an average of 2,800 times per week by more than 2,500 new guests.
  • High-volume sites such as Mercola, Natural News, Cure Tooth Decay, The Healthy Home Economist, The Truth About Cancer, and Organic Lifestyle Magazine routinely refer to the IABDM.
  • The average visit duration is 15 minutes, with visitors viewing 3+ pages per visit, lasting 3.25 minutes on average.
  • In a Google search for “biological dentistry,” the IABDM ranks #1.
  • The IABDM has over 400 registered members

We hope you’ll join us in meeting the needs of biological dentists, hygienists, doctors, and other health professionals as we move past the slowdown and resume regular business activities.

*IABDM reserves the right to approve or deny sponsorship, sponsorship content and to request edits to content and advertisements submitted from approved sponsors.

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