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Biological Dentistry & Oral Health

Mercury Amalgam "Silver" Fillings

Fluoride & Fluoridation

Root Canals & Implants

Jawbone Osteonecrosis (Cavitations)

Nutrition, Supplementation & Other Therapies

Biological Dentistry & Oral Health

What Is Biological Dentistry?

An Introduction from the IABDM

Oral Obstacles to Optimal Health

Dr. Carlson on Holistic & Biological Dentistry

Say AHH (Oral Health Documentary)

Mercury Amalgam “Silver” Fillings

Dentist Dons Gas Mask to Remove Mercury Fillings

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

IABDM Biological Bites: Safe Mercury Filling Removal

Boyd Haley Debunks the ADA Claim: Only Minute Amounts of Mercury Are Released from Amalgam Fillings

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

Quecksilber: The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam

Mercury Undercover

Evidence of Harm (Trailer)

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Mercury Girls (Dental Workers and Mercury Exposure)

Fluoride & Fluoridation

Texas Teen Makes Her Case Against Fluoridation

Dr. Christine Till Presentation to Rotary Club of Calgary, Fall 2021


An Inconvenient Tooth

Fluoride: Poison on Tap

Root Canals & Implants


Price-Pottenger Presents: Root Canals, Implants and Their Implication in Disease

Safe Alternatives to Root Canals

Root Canals Are CAUSING Disease

Improved Health Through Tooth Extraction

Surprising Health Results of Root Canals

Jawbone Osteonecrosis (Cavitations)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cavitational Osteonecrosis

Disease Causation: The Dental Connection (Susan Stockton on Cavitations)

Nutrition, Supplementation, & Other Therapies

IABDM Biological Bites: Homeopathy in Dentistry

IABDM Presents: How Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Is Made

Stem Cells for Chronic Inflammation & Pain – John Parks Trowbridge, MD

Liposome Science – Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

The Legacy Continues: Dr. Hal Huggins discusses leaving his legacy to Dr. Blanche Grube.

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