Mastership (MIABDM) – Dental Hygienist





  • Candidates for Mastership must be an IABDM Fellow in good standing with five years of membership in the Academy.
  • You must prove you have taken courses in 2 of the following areas: Nutrition, Airway/Myofunctional Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, EAV, Muscle Testing/Kinesiology, Ozone, and Chinese Tongue Diagnosis.
  • If you are looking to take another course not listed, you can submit it for approval from the education committee.
  • You also need to present one more case study or article of your choice (the criterion is the same as Fellow).
  • You must show proof of lecture experience- in an academic setting, online, at a conference, etc. OR active recruitment of a minimum of 6 new members from the dental community.
  • This establishes you as a teacher and proponent of the practice of biological dentistry- one we would be proud to claim and help share the word.

Pay one-time signup fee only if all above prerequisites are matched.

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What is Biological Dentistry?

What is Biological Dentistry?

Biological Dentistry is concerned with the whole body effects of all dental materials, techniques and procedures. It unites the best clinical practices and technologies of Western dental medicine with a wide array of practices beyond its horizon. It is fluoride-free, mercury-free and mercury-safe.
IABDM - Connecting Biological Practitioners

IABDM - Connecting Biological Practitioners

The IABDM is a network of dentists, physicians and allied health professionals committed to caring for the whole person – body, mind, spirit and mouth. We are dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of biological dentistry.