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15 CE Credits

IABDM Protect Protocol Provider

The IABDM Protect Protocol Certification for safer mercury amalgam removal for dental professionals is the first step in the IABDM's educational series.

The Business of Biological Dentistry

IABDM Annual Conference 2023: Business of Biological Dentistry Videos

The IABDM Business of Biological Dentistry conference discusses strategies for running a thriving dental practice while emphasizing efficiency & effectiveness.

5.5 CE Credits

It’s A Bugs Life

Level up your periodontal protocol with phase contrast microscopy, salivary diagnostic testing and more! Learn strategies on finding and addressing oral pathogens biologically!

5 CE Credits

Biological Oral Surgery Tips

Biological Oral Surgery Tips from IABDM members Dr. Judson Wall, Dr. Jim Wright and Dr. Michael Margolis.

4.5 CE Credits
Stem Cells: Dr. Xerxez Calilung

Stem Cells, Exosomes, and Biologics

Stem cells and their signalers, exosomes, are unique because they can become any type of cell, acting as both building blocks and repair mechanisms in the body.

13 CE Credits

Certified Biological Nutritional Dental Professional

Learn about proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals, organs & digestion, mitochondrial function, enzymes, detoxification, genetics and toxins.

25 CE Credits

IABDM Certification

IABDM Certification for Biological Dental Professionals is designed as an elearning experience. Each module includes various resources such as videos, presentations & reading materials to educate you about biological dentistry. Topics include homeopathy, meridians, basics of mercury removal, the harms from fluoride and cavitations.

8 CE Credits

The Gut Biome

The Gut Biome course covers diet, lifestyle, and environmental triggers that affect gut health, which is critical for oral and systemic health.

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