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Biological Oral Surgery Tips

Objectives of these three speakers

  • How to determine if there is an indication for oral surgery?
  • How to prepare a patient’s terrain for surgery?
  • How to conservatively remove a tooth?
  • How to deal with areas of bone ischemia?
  • How to support healing after surgery?
  • How to deal with complications of surgery?
  • Literature supporting all the above.

Dr. Judson Wall has been helping patients heal for more than 25 years. As an avid, life-long student, and fellow of both the AGD and AACP, Dr. Wall has developed an uncanny understanding of the oral-systemic connection, and how health care practitioners can help their patients take control of their health. Dr. Wall owns and operates Holistic Dental Education, LLC, training dentists worldwide on whole-health dentistry.

Dr. Jim Wright DDS was proud to be Dr. Hal Huggins personal dentist til his passing in 2014. Committed to honoring Dr. Huggin’s legacy and the amazing training he received from him, by providing exceptional quality, holistic, biological dentistry and fully informed patient care. He follows the protocols for safe removal of mercury and has been accredited in by two International academies, IAOMT and IABDM, as well as the additional protocols which Dr. Hal Huggins created.

Dr. Michael Margolis DDS also holds a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine, from Capital University. A Past President of the IABDM Treating complex cases with surgical procedures. He uses biocompatibility, trigger point injections to assist in his diagnosis. Dr Margolis has faced a very traditional board in his state and is proof that good documentation is your best friend.

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