2022: It’s A Bugs Life

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Conferences

Level up your periodontal protocol with phase contrast microscopy, salivary diagnostic testing and more! Learn strategies on finding and addressing oral pathogens biologically!

A Bugs Life Presenters:

  • Fran Horning, RDH: Implementation of phase contrast microscopy for periodontal pathogen detection, diagnosis and treatment case acceptance
  • Dr. Dawn Ewing: Therapy Options for Perio. Learn about Nitric Oxide and the role it plays in periodontal health. What can reduce it levels and what can increase production? Learn a simple chairside test that can be done with immediate results. Learn several options available to the use of traditional antibiotics. We discuss herbals, silver and ozone.
  • Dr. Tom Nabors: Confirm Periodontal Infections Caused by Specific Oral Pathogens.



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