IABDM Certified Member Insurance Discount Program

IABDM Certified Member Insurance Discount Program


IABDM chose Dentist Insurance Service(DIS) , a national dental practice insurance broker, to be their preferred vendor for their certified members. For the past 36 years Dentist Insurance Services has been able to assist 1000s of dental practices with all things insurance related to their practice. Including Business Office Package Insurance, Workers Compensation, Cyber Liability Insurance, and Malpractice Insurance. DIS was able to negotiate additional pricing benefits for certified members on our behalf.


  • Exclusive Discount of up to 10% off for IABDM Certified Members on office package insurance, employer practices liability, and Workers Compensation with AM Best Rated A+ Carrier The Hartford*.
    • To get a proposal call/text DIS at 850-681-2996
  • Up to 10% discount on malpractice coverage with AM Best Rated A carrier The Doctors Company*
  • Up to $1million in Cyber liability insurance with Coalition Insurance*


Contact us Today!!! Call/Text us at 850-681-2996 or call toll free at 800-877-7597

*Products are not guaranteed, Insurance approval via underwriting is required on all insurance plans sold by Dentist Insurance Services.

*The use of O-Zone and other non-FDA approved procedures are excluded on the malpractice policies.

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