Advertisement for Dental Practice Sale – Franklin, TN

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Sales

Sale of Biological and Holistic Dentistry practice. Middle Tennessee has a great hunger for all things holistic, especially dental. People travel long distances from far away states for this type of service. Equipment stays with the practice: ozone generator, new quite compressor, Air Techniques vacuum system (Mojave). nice mental chairs, full lab and much more. People come for cavitation procedures, zirconia implants, amalgam removals under safe protocols. etc. Nashville has become a magnet for every type of holistic health care within Integrative Medicine. This is a significant opportunity because the Nashville area is booming with families moving in from all the other states. Lots of family and recreation activities in the area. I will stay as part of a realistic transition. I’ve put decades of study and travel into pursuing Biological Dentistry; ever since 1988. This the future of tomorrow’s dentistry. We have a certified Biological Hygienist that has been in town for 3 years: she is a big asset.


Contact: or 615.614.362G

John Grill DDS