Dentists and Physicians Urge You to Vote NO on Water Fluoridation

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Fluoride & Fluoridation

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) recommends a NO vote on mandated water fluoridation in Portland.

fluoridationFluoride in the public water supply poses risks for infants and small children. Fluoride has the potential to cause damage because of its toxicity to multiple organ systems, including the kidneys, the endocrine and skeletal systems and even the brain. The American Dental Association cautions against making babies’ formulas from tap water. Yet with fluoridation, that certainly will happen.

Fluoride in the public water supply is not dosed for individual patients. Some individuals may ingest more water due to warmer climates, work conditions or athletic events. But if that water is fluoridated, their dosage of fluoride cannot be effectively monitored. As a result, they will be ingesting larger undosed amounts of fluoride, increasing their potential for damaging side effects. We know that children frequently should not be given the same size dosage as adults. Yet when the public water supply is fluoridated, any small child could receive the same dose of fluoride as a full-grown adult.

The commendable goal of prevention should be advanced by effective routes, not by fluoride. When the public water supply is fluoridated, fluoride is taken into the body systemically when people drink water. Fluoride taken systemically has little to no effect in decreasing tooth decay.

As health professionals, we favor effective national and community efforts for cavity prevention; for example, a campaign for children to reduce sugar intake would have demonstrable effects on cavity reduction.

A “no” vote is a vote for the health of infants and small children…for the right to make our own health decisions…and for effective cavity prevention programs.

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