Many Systemic Health Issues Can Start in the Mouth

by | May 21, 2013 | Biological Dentistry, Heavy Metals

201305_Connection_02_665Even infertility, explains IABDM President Dr. Blanche Grube in the latest issue of Your Health Connection Magazine.

“The percentage of infertile couples has steadily increased over the years until it has reached epidemic proportions,” Dr. Grube said. “What most couples don’t realize and in fact don’t even consider is that their infertility can come from a series of problems in their mouths and from the mouths of their parents. Mercury has the ability to change a person’s DNA and the repair mechanism for damaged DNA so mercury toxicity changes can be passed on from one generation to the next.”

Dr. Grube is referring to toxicity in the mouth in the form of both heavy metal toxicity and chronic infections.

“Toxicity can come from heavy metals, as is common in mercury amalgam fillings (which most people recognize as silver fillings) and in chronic infections which are not so easily recognized—coming from root canals and in jaw bone cavitations,” she said.

Asked about biological dentistry in general, Dr. Grube emphasized that “A biological or holistic dentist is much more than someone who is mercury-free or is willing to take out your silver fillings and replace them with white ones.”

As a board-certified biological dentist, Dr. Grube has had thousands of hours of continuing education in subjects like nutrition, homeopathy and energy medicine.

“Biological dentists are very capable of consulting a patient on how to stay well and have a better quality of life and not just how to best fix their teeth,” she said.

You can read the whole article here.



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