Root Canals, Metal Implants, & Chronic Oxidative Stress

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The article below was originally posted on the office blog of IABDM Certified biological dentist Dr. Minaxi Mirkal.


RANTES Score, Infected Root Canal Toxicity, Metal Implants – Chronic Oxidative Stress Of Dental/Oral Origin

Healthy Tooth

tooth anatomyA healthy tooth has enamel, dentin, and a central cavity called pulp which houses the blood vessels, nerve supply, lymph drainage and flow of nutrients and waste by products in and out of it. Every tooth is an organ since it has all the basic armamentarium for an organ. The deciding factor for a tooth to be healthy is flow of nutrients in and out of the tooth. Diet and life style are some of the most important factors that influence this. When ever you eat a sugary nutrient devoid food, the flow of nutrients via the dentinal tubular fluid becomes stagnant. Above is the picture of the dentin under electron microscope – It looks like a seeve which houses the dentinal tubular fluid. This fluid has the ability to flow in and out of the tooth. It stays stagnant when you eat poorly, which leads to cavity formation and pulpal inflammation. If left unresolved causes irreversible pulpitis. This is usually when you are told you need a root canal therapy to “save” the tooth.

dentinThe problem with root canal therapy is it is a flawed therapy, the intention behind doing it is to be able to fully sterilize a tooth which no longer revives blood supply, nerve supply, lymph drainage or any signs of so called life. Anything that is non-vital is usually energetically a break in the circuit. This is the reason why people who have multiple root canal treated teeth complain of chronic fatigue, insomnia as some of the presenting symptom. Any non-vital part of the body is the breeding ground for gram negative anaerobic bacteria and the toxins from this low grade chronic inflammation(silent inflammation) activates the immune system. People with multiple root canal treated teeth usually present with some form of autoimmune condition on their health history.

lab report of pathogens found in root canal tooth

RANTES score/CCL5 in INFECTED Root Canals, chronic apical periodontitis (CAP lesions)

What is RANTES Score?

Activation of T cells which are a part of our immune system in systemic inflammatory processes (like- Cancer, Heart disease, Arthritis(substance P), autoimmune diseases, neurodegenearative diseases like parkinsons, and Alzhiemers disease) causing elevated levels of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and chemokine ligand 5 (CCL5), also known as RANTES (regulated on activation, normal T cell expressed and secreted). Higher the RANTES Score higher the incidence of chronic oxidative stress related diseases.

Silent inflammation due to root canal therapy, cavitation (avascular osteonecrosis) and titanium implants leads to immune system activation. The intraoral interference fields created by metals, NICOs, bacteria in root canal treated teeth produce highly toxic hydrogen sulfides (Thioether/Mercaptan), metals show cytotoxic, immunological and carcinogenic effects and NICOs (Neuralgia inducing osteonecrosis) consist of increased inflammatory mediators like RANTES, FGF-2 and IL-1ra.

One out of two Americans suffer from immune disorders. If we look attentively at the changes occurring in our environment, we will notice some trends running in parallel: an exponential increase in chronic diseases, a similarly exponential trend of increasing strain on our immune system, but also an exponential increase in organic nutritional and behavioral concepts (Figure 1 and Figure 2).

Chronic diseases, such as cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, MS, Crohn’s disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, Breast Cancer are increasing at an explosive rate, and extrapolation of the curves shows that within a few years, everyone living in the Western world will be affected by at least one of these diseases.

graph showing incidence of immune disorders

Fig. 1: Incidence of immune disorders (Bach 2002)

map showing geographical distribution of autoimmune diseases

Fig. 2: The geographical distribution of autoimmune diseases (Bach 2008)

A change in mindset is urgently required, as there are unfortunately certain factors in our environment that pose a progressively intensive risk to our health: increasing electromagnetic radiation in the form of high gigahertz frequencies related to mobile communications, WLAN and DECT technology. Also, the addition of titanium oxide (E171) to cosmetics, sun screen, oral contraceptives, toothpaste, chewing gum and even yogurt has led to an increasing intolerance to titanium, which is still being used in alternative medicine and traumatology. Yet even in its purest form ‘Grade 1 titanium’, this chemical element still contains up to 0.20 % iron and traces of nickel as well. This is an alarming fact when you consider that 80% of women in Europe experience an allergic reaction to nickel. More significant risk factors present the intraoral interference fields.

axonal transport of pathogens
titanium particles inducing inflammation
diagram of autoimmune disease
diagram of silent inflammation process

infected root canal tooth

Infected root canal tooth; bacterial toxin; activation of immune cells

infected root canal tooth

NICO lesions in 3rd molar extraction site; fatty degeneration noted due to non-healing bony trabaculea (image courtesy of SBH)

diagram of EMF effects

Electrosmog: WiFi, devices, & electrical fields interfering with the body’s energetic fields and disrupting function

concluding slide on biological dentistry

Our Goal at Prime Integrative Dentistry is to first bring about healing and eliminate toxicity of oral/dental origin. Before opting to get your infected root canal treated tooth out or getting a metal implant always educate yourself and make sure to have full informed consent.




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