Remembering a Great Biological Dentist

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Biological Dentistry

We were saddened to hear of the recent death of long-time IABDM member, biological dentist Dr. Russ Borneman. In the post below, Dr. Louisa Williams reflects on our loss of a wonderful man and excellent clinician:

I first met Russ Borneman in 1985 when I moved to Seattle as a new DC specializing in TMJ/craniosacral therapy, and he was removing amalgam fillings up in Anacortes, WA. We soon became fast friends and later collaborated in a study where we found a 100% correlation between the patients I referred to him for cavitation surgery and their positive pathological findings through Boyd Haley’s and Jerry Bouquot’s labs.

Russ BornemanIt is no wonder that Russ was a life-long member of the IABDM since he also embraced their belief in the science and art of biological dentistry by utilizing an EAV practitioner chairside during his cavitation surgeries. Later he learned and mastered my MRT method and was able to use it himself during dental cavitation surgery in order to assure that all the necrotic bone was thoroughly excised in his patients.

Russ’s commitment to the truth was firm, and despite the pressure from conventional dentistry and their antiquated and toxic standards of care, he always followed his principles and his heart in providing patients with the most optimal dental care possible. Based on this lifelong caring attitude and continued learning and development, Russ was not only known as an excellent dental technician in the removal and replacement of mercury amalgam fillings and metal crowns, but over time, he became the preeminent cavitation surgery biological dentist in the Northwest.

As much as I and his IABDM family will miss his bright smile and knowledgeable insights at each conference, Russ’s level of integrity and his commitment to what is true and essential in life will never be diminished. Our love and support go out to Russ’s family (his daughter Sara is a biological dental hygienist!), friends, and to the patients who will greatly miss his outstanding care. Russ’s unique blend of an exceptionally sweet nature combined with a strong drive towards professional excellence will live on in each one of us blessed to be a part of his life.

Here is one of the protocols Russ wrote, which we share in his memory, “Treating Maxillary Holes Post-Cavitation Surgery through the PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) Method”:

For deep maxillary sockets with small- to medium-size exposures or holes thru the Schneiderian membrane, I start by taking the PRF (usually 6 vials of blood for one large tooth socket) and flattening 2 or 3 plugs.

After clearing the focal disturbance and once the sinus is clear, I place 1-2 flats over the holes in the sinus. Then I place whole plugs to fill the socket gently. I then place one or two flats over the top and suture them to the surrounding gum.

I instruct the patient to avoid passing air in the sinus (ideally have the patient only breathe through the mouth for 24 hrs). Especially avoid sneezing or blowing the nose. I instruct patients to take over the counter Sudogest to keep the sinus dry. Occasionally I prescribe antibiotics depending on various factors.



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