Remembering Hal Huggins

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Biological Dentistry

IABDM board member and Round Rock, Texas biological dentist Matt Carpenter reflects on the recent passing of Dr. Hal Huggins:

Hal completely changed my life.

When I was at my peak of undiagnosed mercury poisoning and seeing different specialists around the state, trying to understand why my physical and mental body seemed to be deteriorating, I experienced a painful, embarrassing helplessness that I recognize in the eyes of many of my new patients today.

Seven years ago, Melissa Russ, ND, seeing me as a naturopathic patient, considered my profession and tested me with Quicksilver (Chris Shade) for mercury toxicity. My results were nearly off the charts – some of the highest levels he had seen. I finally had a diagnosis for my health problems but needed a way to continue practicing dentistry and regain my health.

Matt Carpenter with Hal HugginsHal Huggins was more instrumental than any other person on the planet for the ability I have had to not only heal my own body but understand a passion for patient care that surpassed anything I had ever seen or heard before. He was a type of health detective who saw no boundaries with respect to his arena of care. He informed me of my APO-E status – and that of my children – to help lower the risk of neurological disease in my children’s lives.

He taught me the truth about modern illness and dentistry’s contribution to our current rise in degenerative disease. He taught me protocols that I receive gratitude for and appreciation of daily from patients – because he took the time, effort and money to research and develop them. He created unique testing for understanding root canal toxicity and gave all biologic dentists more science-based ammunition to protect us and help justify our approach to dentistry.

He taught me the value of butter and fat. He once gave me a ballad he wrote about Mary and Joseph and the night Jesus was born. Hal was a special man. I am physically, mentally and spiritually well today because of the passion Hal Huggins had regarding his life’s work. He was a lighthouse to me at one of the darkest hours of my life. He served humanity and the Lord to his highest abilities.

Protecting women and children, telling people the truth as he observed it in the blood and standing up defiantly and boldly to ANYONE who violated his code of ethics as it related to patient care – these were hallmarks of Hal Huggins’ career..and I loved him dearly for all of his unique, ballsy ways.

I will forever honor Hal Huggins for the impact he has had on my personal and professional life. It will always be my intention to try and share some of what I learned from Hal with all my patients. Rest in Peace, Hal.

– Matthew Carpenter



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