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Cavitations & Bone Loss: Info Needed

An IABDM member asks:

Does anyone have the reference for Jerry Bouquot's statment that with jawbone cavitations, 40% bone loss occurs before it is visible on x-rays?

If you do, please post the citation details in the comments below.

The member would also like to contact Dr. Bouquot directly, so if you happen to have his current email address, please send it to IABDM Executive Director Dr. Dawn Ewing (

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One Response to Cavitations & Bone Loss: Info Needed

  1. Jerry Bouquot December 29, 2015 at 12:44 pm #

    H. i, folks. I just was told about this 2013 email question. The answer goes back to the 1960s JADA paper…authors used dried mandibles (Bender & Seltzer. JADA 1961; 62:152). I have photos from the paper in my Gorlin Professor talk to the University of Minnesota a couple of years ago…called “When bone go bad.” That PP presentation in in my BouquotToGo Dropbox files. Here’s the link (all files in there are copyright free):

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